Which funds do FOF fund managers like the most?

Favorite finger base doesn’t believe others get α

Which funds do FOF fund managers like the most?
Favorite finger base doesn’t believe others get α

What fund was bought by 14 fund managers?

Take a look at these treasure boys called FOF Beiluo Deshimen Chives said that the investment community FOF fund managers are very professional investors, they have the ability to do enough in-depth data analysis, and have the resources to face-to-face research on the invested fund managers, and their ownThe company’s fund managers are also knowledgeable colleagues.

  Is there any inspiration to see who their funds are?

  Looking at the data, as of the end of July 2019, a total of 57 FOFs in the market held a total of 84 funds 451 times in TOP10 positions, with an average of 5 per fund.

Four times, the fund appeared as many as 14 times.

  We disassemble the data to help you find out: which funds are the FOF fund managers favorite?

  In partial-equity funds, index funds do not let them become the first choice of FOF fund managers. It seems that fund managers are not very convinced of the excess capacity of other fund managers.

However, Richland 300 Enhancement and Invesco 300 Enhancement are the most recognized enhancement products.

  In addition to index funds, the other products are mainly the products of various companies, and there are many regular customers of the Golden Bull Award.

  We have also seen that many fund managers have bought Fortis Hedged, which should be the best absolute income fund.

There are still a lot of Jiashi Yuanhe who bought discounts on the market, I don’t know if they fell into the pit.

  Among bond funds, GF Anze, Castrol Ultra-Short Debt, Dacheng Jingan, Pengyang Lize, China-Europe Short 深圳spa会所 Debt, etc., are all short-debt products with enhanced cash management. Against the background of the decline in the yield of money funds, theseThe products are very popular in the market. These should be the best liquid products in the market or in the company.

  The products that truly reflect the credit and debt investment capabilities are E Fund Credit, ICBC Credit Suisse Double Profit, E Fund Credit, Rich Country Credit Bond, Yinhua Quarterly Red and other products. Of course, there is also a secondary debt base, and stock investment capabilities must also be considered internally.

  What kind of funds are most popular with other fund companies?

  If we only look at funds invested by external fund companies, it will be another list.

It’s really not easy to be recognized by the professional peers of other companies.

  In the partial equity fund, we relaxed the list to more than two companies to approve: In addition to the familiar funds, the state-owned small and medium-sized market (in fact, the old-fashioned) appeared, and Hongde preferred to grow the products of these two small and medium-sized companies.
  It can also be seen that the allocation of gold ETFs and GEM ETFs has increased significantly.

  In bond funds, the list has hardly changed, indicating that these good debt bases are actually configured by fund managers of other companies and are recognized by the industry.

  Which funds are most recognized internally?

  Finally, we look at the highest recognized funds within each company, and insiders are most familiar with the situation.

Here we divide by company.

Can be polished: CEIBS, Huitianfu, Qianhai Open Source, Huaxia likes to buy their own stock funds; Rich Countries, Huaan, CCB, Yinhua like to buy their own bond funds; In addition, Fortis, GuolianAn, Huabao, Teda Manulife, Zhongrong hardly invest in their own company’s products, but buy other ones.

  What is the strongest FOF in 2019?

  The stock market rebounded this year. The top performers in FOF are partial stocks and balanced FOFs. Their main positions are as follows: