[A kind of rice is often eaten, and nutrition has beaten ginseng a hundred times!

[A kind of rice is often eaten, and nutrition has beaten ginseng a hundred times!

Everything in the world is treasured, rice is grown in spring, harvested in autumn, and the spirit of gathering heaven and earth.

There is a saying “one pound of ginseng is not as good as one liter of granular rice”. Compared with white rice, granular rice has a more balanced nutrition function.

Tang Dynasty medical scientist Meng Xun’s “Therapeutic Materia Medica” and Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded that coarse rice supplements Qi, strengthens bones and blood vessels, and the five internal organs, and has good color.

Coarse rice is 80% stronger than rice. To understand the nutritional value of coarse rice, you must understand the structure of the rice.

60% of rice?
70% of vitamins, minerals and a lot of essential amino acids accumulate in the outer tissues (gluten, aleurone, germ), and the fine white rice we usually eat, although white and delicate, has completely destroyed all these outer tissues and lost them.Basically 80% of the nutrition, plus panning before meals, the rest is mainly starch and part of the protein . and the micron rice still retains some outer skin layers, aleurone layer and germ after husking, it has moreThe vitamins, fiber supplements, and ordinary refined white rice flour are better. Combined with popular dietary habits nowadays, it is considered a green healthy food.

Studies have shown that the calcium content of coarse rice is 1% of that of white rice.

7 times, the iron content is 2.

75 times, nicotine is 3.

2 times, vitamin B1 is up to 12 times.

Crude rice has 10 times more vitamin E than white rice and 14 times more cellulose . but we can’t even eat these in polished white rice.