[Can durian be eaten in the third trimester?]

[Can durian be eaten in the third trimester?]

In our age of well-developed logistics.

Durian growing in the tropics is no longer tropical. People can eat fruits in the north. We can also see durians in the north, but many people avoid them because of the taste of durians.

In fact, people who have eaten should know that durian is a very delicious food.

Also known as the king of fruits, let’s find out if we can eat durian in the third trimester?

Although durian is an acidic nutrient fruit, Baoma during pregnancy is not allowed to eat. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is sexually hot and lagging behind. Do not eat too much at one time, otherwise it may lead to dryness in the body, and its rich nutrition may be caused by the intestinesAbsorbed completely and caused “lit”.

First of all, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother’s blood sugar to rise. Because durian is rich in nutrition, it is very easy for pregnant women to eat durian to raise blood sugar and accelerate the development of metabolism.

If you do not control yourself, the possibility of having huge children will increase greatly, and it will more easily lead to dystocia.

Especially Baoma in the second and third trimester.

Second, constipation worsens during pregnancy, the hormone levels in pregnant women will change, coupled with the growth and development of oxides squeeze the internal organs, pregnant women are prone to constipation.

Durian is a hot fruit, which is hot and stagnate, which can cause “stomach heat” and aggravate constipation.

Therefore, pregnant women with a history of constipation are more unsuitable to eat more.

Third, it can cause fetal fever during pregnancy, and the pregnant mother is easily irritable and emotionally fluctuated, that is, the pregnancy syndrome.

Durian is a hot and humid fruit, which can easily cause pregnant mothers to have “wet” and “hot” stomachs, and even cause fires. It may also cause sore throat, irritability, insomnia and other maladaptive symptoms.health.

Fourth, the right amount of durian during the first trimester and the middle of pregnancy, taboo 1, durian can not be eaten with white wine, both are hot things; 2, durian can not eat warm food, such as beef, mutton, dog meat and seafood.

Because these foods are hot and hot, they will get angry and inflammation when eaten together.